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Heximar is a brand name for a series of medications, particularly used in the management of skin conditions like psoriasis. Within the Heximar family, different formulations, such as Heximar B, are tailored for specific skin ailments. These ointments are known for their anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties.

Heximar B

Heximar B is a specific formulation in the Heximar series, containing key ingredients like calcipotriol and betamethasone. It serves as an essential treatment for psoriasis, working to reduce skin inflammation and scaling.

Uses of Heximar

Heximar and its specific variants like Heximar B find applications in treating various skin conditions:

Psoriasis: The primary use of Heximar is in the treatment of psoriasis, a chronic skin condition characterized by red, scaly patches on the skin.

Dermatitis: In some cases, Heximar might be prescribed for dermatitis, where its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing itchiness and redness.

Eczema: While not the primary use, Heximar may also be utilized to manage symptoms of eczema.

How to Use Heximar

The correct application of Heximar is critical to its effectiveness. Here’s a guide on how to use Heximar:

Consult a Doctor: Before using Heximar or Heximar B, consulting a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and prescription is essential.

Apply as Directed: Following the doctor’s instructions and the leaflet included with the product, ensure the right amount is applied to the affected areas.

Avoid Face and Sensitive Areas: Heximar should not be applied to the face or other sensitive skin areas unless specifically instructed by a healthcare provider.

Heximar B Ointment Online: Heximar B can often be purchased online from authorized pharmacies. It is crucial to choose a reputable source when buying Heximar B ointment online to ensure the product’s authenticity.

Side Effects

Like many medications, Heximar may have some side effects:

Common Side Effects: These may include mild skin irritation, itching, or redness at the application site.

Serious Side Effects: Though rare, more severe effects like skin thinning or changes in pigmentation should be promptly reported to a healthcare provider.

Long-term Usage: Chronic use may lead to additional side effects, further highlighting the importance of adhering to prescribed guidelines.


While considering the use of Heximar, certain precautions must be taken:

Skin Sensitivity: A patch test might be performed to ensure that the individual is not sensitive to the ingredients.

Avoiding Sun Exposure: Limiting sun exposure to treated areas may prevent further skin irritation.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Consultation with a healthcare provider is required for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as the safety of Heximar’s use in these conditions may be uncertain.


Heximar’s interactions with other skin products or medications must be considered:

Other Skin Products: Mixing Heximar with other lotions or creams without professional guidance may reduce its effectiveness or lead to unexpected reactions.

Medication Interactions: Though unlikely with topical ointments, informing the prescribing physician about all other medications is still essential.


Heximar, including its specific formulation Heximar B, is a vital part of modern dermatological treatments. Proper usage, understanding of potential side effects, and taking appropriate precautions ensure its effectiveness.

Buying Heximar B ointment online has expanded accessibility, but choosing the right source is crucial to ensure quality. This comprehensive guide serves as a reference but is no substitute for professional medical consultation and personalized prescription.

Note: This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider for personalized recommendations.